Monday, March 12, 2012

Whistle Stop Cafe

Whistle Stop Cafe: (in Kennesaw, GA) A standard meat and two type of cafe, but the food is really great.  Their gimmick is that everything in the place is railroad themed.  They even have a large scale train that circles the restaurant on a track above the diners' heads.  (As far as I know they've never had any derailments that have landed in your food.)  The last two times I've been I've had the fried chicken and the fried clams.  Both were excellent.  Yeah, I know what you're thinking, perhaps I should lay off of the fried foods.  Well, just to calm your mind, both times I also had fried green tomatoes as a side dish.  They were excellent too.  Our service wasn't great the last time, but in the restaurant's defense, the place was packed and the waitresses were running around like maniacs trying to keep up.  (Okay, perhaps there's a bit of exaggeration there.  They actually weren't 'running' at all.  But then saying "they were walking quickly like maniacs" just doesn't carry the same weight.)  At any rate, this time (on a Monday) the place was nearly empty and the service was fantastic.  The prices are good too, so you really can't miss.  (Unless of course you don't like anything that they serve, in which case you are just a picky high maintenance dooberhead and you probably shouldn't be eating out anyway.)  As for me, I'll definitely be back and I'll probably eat something fried.

Whistle Stop Cafe: A

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