Sunday, March 18, 2012


Cereal: I love cereal.  I mean I really love cereal.  I love all kinds of cereal.  I like the sugary bad for you kind and I like the healthy good for you kind.  I like the kinds that turn your milk chocolaty and the kinds that turn to mush if you don't eat it fast enough.  It's a rare and despicable box of cereal that I don't like.  I'm sure I'll rate a lot of cereals individually later on, so right now Ill just talk about cereal in general.  And my love for it.  I would eat cereal every day of my life if I had the time.  Most days in the morning I am too nonfunctional and too rushed to sit down and eat cereal.  So instead I eat Pop-Tarts (I'll rate those later.  But as a preview, yum!).  Thus I usually get my cereal fix on the weekend or perhaps for dinner if I'm lazy (and lucky).  I can remember when I was growing up we would wake up at stupid-o'clock on Saturday morning.  My brother and I would grab bowls, spoons, milk and cereal and gorge ourselves while watching cartoons.  That was the high life.  If there is any downside to cereal, it's that no matter how much you eat, two hours later you use the bathroom and you're hungry again.  Of course, then you can just eat more cereal.  I tend to buy whatever cereal is on sale.  It's fine with me since I like it all.  Sometimes I buy too much.  When my wife and I first got married, we had an island in the center of our kitchen that we used for storage.  If something good was on sale, I would buy two boxes and put the extra one in the island.  When we moved into our house, there were over twenty boxes of cereal in there.  Some of them dating back for years.  Now I just stack it on the top self of the pantry.  It's the "tower of cereal power".  If the tower starts getting too short, times are sad.  Things are great when there is so much cereal the top box just barely slides in above the ceiling. That's living.

Cereal: A+

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