Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time: I could probably have summed this up in one word, but that would have been a very short post.  So instead I'll ramble on a bit.  Daylight Savings Time [DST] did have a purpose at one point.  Partly it was about trying to save money by minimizing the time the lights are on.  (Sun up = less lights needed = less money spent.) It was also about maximizing daylight in the evening so that sports and other activities had the light they needed.  But at this point, I think society has pretty much moved past that.  Since, regardless of what time it is or how many people are actually up, our cities are now always lit up and are rarely (if ever) asleep.  So, instead now DST is more about totally messing up people's lives twice a year and making you feel crappy for a week after.  (Also providing people with an excuse to miss early Sunday activities. (You always hear about people missing church or whatever because they forgot to set their clocks, but you never hear about people showing up to church an hour early.  I'm just saying.)  Anyway, back to my first statement, DST = meh.

Daylight Savings Time: C

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