Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3 Year Check Ups

3 Year Check Ups: As I was not the actual person getting their 3 Year Check-up, I can only make my report via what I witnessed, assumptions and guesses.  I know that prior to going to the doctor, the participating toddler's initial responses seemed to indicate this wouldn't be a good time.  He made comments like, "But I don't wanna go to the doctor" and "Daddy, I'm not sick".  However, he was a brave little man when the time came.  And despite being forewarned by his previous visits and by his father's dark revelation that this would probably involve getting a shot, there were no tears.  More like a grim resolution to get it done.  He did not resist in any way as the nurse weighed and measured him (32lbs, 37.25").  He stoically underwent the new experience of having his blood pressure taken and while I didn't actually see or hear it, I have to assume there was a sigh of relief when the nurse told us that his shots were up to date and he wouldn't need one.  The doctor was all smiles and cheer and he actually had a little bit of a conversation with her on his own.  Once she left the room there was but two things left to be done.  First he needed to get his clothes back on.  Second, and more importantly, somebody needed to bring him a lollipop.

3 Year Check Ups: B+

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