Sunday, July 8, 2012


Prometheus: In general I like the Aliens movies, so I was keen to see this movie when it came out.*  And overall I have to say that it was pretty good.  Visually it is great.  Very very pretty when it was supposed to be pretty and creepy when that was called for and so on.  

Mostly it falls down in the plot department.**  A good bit of it just doesn't really make sense and in other places the movie is trying so hard to allude to things without actually telling you something that it totally fails to get any point across at all.  I don't want to spoil anything for anyone else who may want to see it but hasn't gotten around to it, so I'm not going to give things away.  But if there's one thing that will destroy my enjoyment of a movie it's logical flaws. 

I will give it this though.  Initially I assumed it would just essentially be another aliens movie.*** But it really wasn't.  There were some things that were nearly the aliens we've seen before, but mostly it was all new stuff.****

So if a few plot problems either won't bother you or won't be noticed by you and you've liked the other Aliens flicks, you'll enjoy this one too.  It does a fine job with tension and monster attacks and fighting amongst the crew, etc, etc.  You get your fill of semi-creepy artificial humans and you get Charlize Theron.*****  Though it does occur to me that a lot of the good tension and stress that the movie does has is only there because of the previous Aliens movies.  I wonder if you'd find the movie less engaging, if you have no idea what a face-hugger is and you don't know anything about the reproductive cycles of the Alien critters.  Though I believe the idea of "Don't open that!" is a pretty universal one.

Prometheus: B-

* - Evidently not that keen though since I've only now gotten around to it.
** - Like so many movies
*** - Humans unleash bad monster.  Bad monster kill off all the humans.
**** - The last scene not withstanding.
***** - Though really her character is minimized almost to the point of pointlessness.


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