Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dress Her in Indigo

Dress Her in Indigo (by John D. MacDonald): Another in the Travis McGee series.  If this one falls short of the others it's because it isn't really your typical McGee story.  Instead of the usual, in which Travis is hired to retrieve some money or item, in this one he's hired by a father to go find out whether his daughter, who died in a car crash in Mexico, was happy.  Um, okay?

So instead of there being any identified villain or tangible goal, Travis and Meyer just sort of flounder around.    I'm making it sound worse that it was, but I don't mean to.  It's still a great Travis McGee story.  We still get all of the usual features, including a rant about society ruining itself thrown in for good measure.  (This one is a short of backhandedly mocking the hippies.*)

It's just that the book never really took off for me, but I'm still glad I read it.

Dress Her in Indigo: B

* - The book was written in 1967 or so.

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