Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kill Bill (Vol. 1 & 2)

Kill Bill: 1 & 2: When this movie came out, for some reason I never got around to seeing it[1], which is strange because I am usually a pretty big fan of Quentin Tarantino's stuff.  Though granted I have not actually managed to see everything he's done.  Anyway, fast forward ten years later and I've finally gotten around to watching them both.[2]

The two movies are pretty much the natural extension of the Kung Fu movies you used to watch as a kid.[3] And no I am not talking about Jackie Chan's Rumble in the Bronx.  If it must be Jackie Chan I mean Drunken Master or Half a Loaf of Kung Fu.  But really I'm talking about Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury or any of the six hundred Sonny Chiba movies.

Take any one of those movies and "modernize" it.  Add in new camera techniques. Some animation and update the special effects. Though in some cases not too much updating.  I mean Monty Python was using the blood spray technique back in the early 70's[4]. 

Once you've done that add in a healthy dose of Tarantino and there you have it.  Two movies that give you all the martial arts action you could ask for.[5]  

Note that I didn't say to update the acting, because some of the acting in the movies isn't the greatest, but then again you didn't come to watch the acting.

[The Nitpickers Corner: If you beat the snot out of somebody in a hospital and then sneak out into the parking garage, you don't really have time to spend several hours in the back of their car relearning how to walk.  Someone's gonna find the body in the hospital and then the police will arrive.  Even the laziest of detectives is going to think to check on the guys car in a pretty short amount of time. I'm just saying.]

Kill Bill (Vol 1 and 2): A-

p.s. - Yes, I know that Vol. 3 is in pre-production.  When it comes out, I promise to try and watch that one before it's a decade old.

p.p.s - Mom, no matter how interesting this post made the movies sound, you don't want to watch these.  Trust me.

[1] - It was completely the Pook's fault.
[2] - Yeah I know that's pretty pathetic.
[3] - If you didn't watch Kung Fu movies as a kid, then I'm sorry.  Pretend that you did and play along.
[4] -  "Tennis Anyone?"
[5] - And then some.

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