Monday, July 9, 2012

The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Reloaded:  What do you do when you have a movie with really nasty undefeatable bad-guys that ends with the main character becoming super awesome and beating those same really nasty previously undefeatable bad-guys?  You do the only thing you can, which is make nastier, even more undefeatable bad-guys.  And you also throw in some plot twists that make everyone scratch their heads and go, Wah?

The Matrix Reloaded is the second movie in the trilogy and if there is anything that keeps it from being as good as the original it is simply that it isn't the original.  The movie really doesn't have any serious flaws in it, except for perhaps that the ending is so confusing you need a white haired grandfatherly type to explain it to you.  And that's what the movie has and even then you're still scratching your head.  But like all movies that attempt to follow up a movie that has a brand new way of doing or showing something or in some other way warps your mind with awesomeness, the sequel will not be better than the first unless it can take it further and do or show you something else in a brand new way or warps your mind with all new awesomeness.

Okay, so if you didn't follow that last bit, ask a white haired grandfatherly type to explain it.  Or just read the next paragraph.

Reloaded does and has everything that the Matrix had, but you've seen it before.  The fights are just as awesome and the explosions and gun fights are just as good too.  They've even added in a car chase.  But it doesn't have that shiny newness of the first time around so it falls just a bit shorter than the original.

Also there's a part at the beginning with all of Zion having a what amounts to a mass rave that just goes on and on and on.*

Of course once you've waded through that you get to see Neo fight 100 agent Smiths at the same time and there are those nasty wraith twin dudes.

The Matrix Reloaded: A

* - And on and on and on.

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