Sunday, April 1, 2012

Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading: This is one of the many Coen Brother's Movies and I found it to be about the same as all of the others.  Before I go further let me just say that I have a feeling I will upset some people with this one, because people who like Coen Brother's Movies tend to be fanatical about it.  I know some guys who will just as soon stab you as hear you talk badly about The Big Lebowski.  But I continue nonetheless protected by my integrity, the first amendment and the fact that they don't know where I live.  I found the movie lacking*.  Just like I've found most of the Coen's comedic movies lacking**.  I don't really know why others like them so much, maybe it's me***.  They are ostensibly comedies, but I only find them slightly amusing.  They are more slightly ironic, mildly amusing anecdotes made into feature films.  During this particular one, I did honestly laugh once, though it was at the beginning and I don't remember what was happening at the time.  When the movie ended, I wasn't sad that I'd watched it, but I also didn't have that movie afterglow you get when you see something great or even better than average.  I felt kind of sad for a couple of the characters (really for most of them).  Beyond that I have to wonder what was the point?  What were the Coen's trying to accomplish?  Do they feel like they did it?  Could they let me know what it was so I could appreciate it?  Anyway, somehow or other I have ended up owning a copy of the movie and I can honestly say that the chances I watch it again are very small.  So, if anyone out there wants my copy they can have it.

Burn After Reading: C

p.s. - For the record, Miller's Crossing is one of the best movies ever**** and I haven't seen a good many of the Coen movies.  But if I were to rate The Big Lebowski it would probably get a worse grade and it's doubtful if Raising Arizona would pass*****.

* - Fanatical Coen Fans [FCF] across America now leaping into their cars.

** - The FCF's slam their foot down on the accelerator.

*** - The FCF's give pause waiting to see if perhaps I can be spared.

**** - The FCF's smile and begin to turn their cars around.

***** - The FCF's phone in to FCF central and order a nuclear strike.

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