Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Principal Players

This is my 50th post on the blog so I thought I'd do something different and clarify and give a bit more info on some of the people I seem to mention from time to time.

The Pook:  (a.k.a. - My Better Half, the Mrs., the Woman Who For Some Reason Puts Up With Me).  She's living proof that good things come to those who wait.  It may be sappy to say it, but she's my best friend and I'd be lost without her.

A few other facts about her.  She's in the same profession as me but at a different location. She's never met a craft that she didn't like or excel in and as previously mentioned, she's an Olympic class sleeper.  Though she does talk in her sleep from time to time which leads to interesting conversations.

Pook: [mumbles something]

Me (not realizing she's actually asleep): What's that?

Pook: The blankets are [mumbles]

Me: What's wrong with the blankets?

Pook: They're getting in and out of the basket.

Me: ????

Pook: They're going for rides.

Me: What?

Pook (now waking up enough to realize a little more of her surroundings): Nothing.  Good night.

Me: What??

Finally, she's an excellent mother to our two youngsters.

The Bear: (a.k.a. - The Bug, The Bud, Squirtimus Prime and Goober Noober).  The Bear turned three this year which in and of itself is astonishing to me.  He's incredibly bright for his age and was essentially a perfect child for the first two years of his life.  This year he's decided to forgo being the sweet little boy he used to be and has transformed into Mr. Whiny Pants.  In any event, he's amazing and I'm constantly amazed by the things he says.  Of course he's also still a typical little boy who loves anything that has wheels.

Here's what he told me a few months ago when he came into our bedroom one morning and hopped up onto the bed: 

Bear: Daddy, I love everything in the whole world.

Me: [smiles]

Bear (after a pause suddenly adds): And monster trucks. 

Me: Why do you like monster trucks so much?

Bear (with appropriate hand signs): Because they can crush things like buildings, signs . . . and empty bottles.

Evidently monster trucks are defeated by full bottles.

The Bean: (a.k.a. - Mr. B and The Baby Who Wants to Cry Every Night at Midnight).  The Bean is a whopping two months old as of this post.  We had been so lucky with the Bear that we knew if we ever had a second kid he would probably be completely different and be a terror.  For the most part that hasn't happened so far (knock on wood) but there's still time.  Though he's definitely different in a lot of ways already.  One of the main ways is that he simply doesn't listen to his father.*

For instance, when the Bear was little I made a deal with him that if he didn't pee on me, when he got older I would take him out to whatever restaurant he wanted.  Scoff if you'd like but he never peed on me once.**  When the Bean came along I made the same deal with him.  He promptly peed on me.  In fact he's done it five times at this point.  On the last occasion I took his diaper off to change him and he kicked his digestive system into high and stuff began coming out of both sides.  I put the diaper back on but not before he'd gotten pee all over everything, including me.  Once he'd finished, I attempted to give him a stern talking to while I cleaned him up.  He then smiled up at me with a beatific (albeit toothless) smile that was so cute I instantly forgave him.  He then peed on me again.

Pook: A++
Bear: A++
Bean: A++

* - Yes I know he's only 2 months old but that doesn't change things.
** - Okay technically he did twice, but once he was actually shooting at his mother and she dodge out of the way and the other time was a rebound shot off the tub wall.  So I don't hold either against him.

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