Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mother's Day and Father's Day

Mother's Day & Father's Day: Mother's day is a great idea.  A day to say thank you to your mom for everything that she's done and believe me that wasn't an easy task.  Now you're saying: "Wait a minute! You don't know what I was like as a child and you don't know my mother at all!"  Well the fact of the matter is that I don't need to.  Let's just assume that you were actually a good child.  One who really didn't cause your mom much trouble at all.*  She still had to do all of the everyday normal things that come with taking care of a child: cleaning up after you, getting you dressed, feeding you, etc. etc.  This stuff isn't easy.  Need proof that this isn't easy?  Here you go.

Mother's day is the day that you are supposed to be thanking mom for everything that she did for you.  So how do you properly thank mom for doing all of that cleaning, tending to and cooking that she did for you?  Well,  if it was so easy you could do some cleaning, tending to and cooking for her.  But do you?  Nope, in fact mother's day is the day in which restaurants do more business than any other day of the year.  Let's hope you took her to a nice one and weren't too cheap.

Father's day is a whole other day and let's face it, if there wasn't a mother's day there wouldn't be a father's day.  Don't get me wrong, dads deserve to be celebrated as much as moms.  But while there are exceptions, in general I think we can all agree that when you get down to it moms are carrying the majority of the parental weight.**

Speaking as a dad, I like father's day fine.  It isn't your tier one holiday, but it's nice to have somebody take a moment to say thanks.  My only real problem with father's day is the day that it is on.  Mother's day is on a Sunday and it should be.  If there is any day of the week that says "Mom", then it is Sunday.  Sundays in May are bright and sunny.  There are flowers and pretty dresses in pastel.  Even the month of May seems like a Mom month.

Father's day is in June and that's fine.  June sounds like a father-type month to me,*** though I think August might have been better.  But either way, father's day shouldn't be on Sunday.  It should be on Saturday.  Saturday is dad's day.  Saturdays are sawdust and wood.  Saturdays are cut grass and gasoline spilled on the mower.  Saturdays are sports on TV and grilling out.  In other words dad stuff.

Anyway, in my opinion father's day should be on Saturday.  And since I'm already speaking for the rest of the father's out there let me throw this in as well.  While we do appreciate the gifts, lay off the ties. If you were thinking tie, think again.

Mothers Day: A-
Fathers Day: B+

* - And for some of you that is a BIG assumption.
** - Yes, I realize your family might be an exception so you can skip the pointed email defending dear old dad's honor.
*** - Apologies to any ladies out there named such.  I promised I didn't just call you manly.

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