Saturday, May 12, 2012

Giant Roasters

Campfire Giant Roasters Marshmallows:

If you were like me and believed that marshmallows only came in two sizes (regular and mini), let me be the first to tell you that you are wrong.  Gloriously wrong.  While shopping at Aldi yesterday we came upon a bag of Giant Roasters.  These marshmallows are shaped the same as their small cousins, but they are about the size of five regular marshmallows put together.  The best size comparison I could come up with is that they are about the same volume as a handball, but cylindrical instead of spherical.*  They are made up of a mere eight ingredients and the first three are corn syrup, sugar and dextrose.  So basically the first three ingredients are sugar, sugar and more sugar.  They taste the same as regular marshmallows, but did you forget about the part when I said they were as big as a handball?  I used to not be that keen on marshmallows, but I have since realized the error of my ways.  During my transformation from marshmallow under-appreciator to devotee, I pondered that the biggest problem with marshmallows is that they don't provide you with a big enough bite.  That problem no longer exists.  I tried one straight from the package.  I took a large bite and still had more than 3/4's of the marshmallow left.  Could life be this good?  While at Aldi, the Pook had an awesome idea and now we were putting that plan into place.  We were making s'mores.  One whole graham cracker (broken into two squares), two pieces of a Hershey's bar and one giant roaster.  We toasted everything under the oven broiler and then assembled.  Biting into it just caused warm marshmallow to squirt everywhere and make a giant mess.  It was awesome.  Little Bear attempted to disassemble his and proceeded to have two hands covered in marshmallow and graham cracker.**  Overall the entire dessert was a culinary triumph that would have been unachievable without the greatness that is the Giant Roaster.

Giant Roasters: A

* - Not that useful.  I know.
** - Which given his predilection to clean hands was bad for him


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