Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Pook's Awesomeness, by way of my Birthday

So as you have undoubtedly already been told by FB, it's my birthday.

But this isn't about that.

Instead it's about how awesome the Pook is.

You might be asking how old I am. [1]

But that's not what you should be asking.

Instead you should be asking, what does a lucky fellow like me get as presents from such a wonderful girl.  Well here's a list:

- Dominion: Dark Ages Expansion
- A Dremmel rotary tool
- A pull up bar [2]
- And the following DVD's [3]
  - Apollo 13
  - Platoon [4]
  - Stand By Me
  - Expendables
  - The A-Team
  - Brian Regan: Standing Up
  - Penn & Teller's BS, Season 1

Two things to note about that list.

First, it's awesome. [5]

Second, it contains no clothing.


My Wife: A+++++++++++

[1] - 43
[2] - I asked for this.  We'll see how well it goes.  There will probably be a post in the future.  Assuming my arms still work.
[3] - Which were technically also from the Bear.  And I suppose the Bean by proxy.
[4] - I know, it's embarrassing that I didn't already own a copy.
[5] - But then that was obvious

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